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The Hunger Games

Our class is coming to the end of our sixth read-aloud book! This is the most read-aloud books I have ever read to my class. And we still have 4 1/2 months to go!

We are currently reading “The Hunger Games”. This book has generated so many amazing questions and predictions from the students. I have recently heard that the book will be made into a movie. Also, the third book will be released in August of this year. They have just announced the name: “Mockingjay”. I’m sure students will remember what a mockingjay is from what we have read so far. What do you think this third book will be about? The second book is called “Catching Fire”… any predictions on what that will be about? Just wait until the end of The Hunger Games. I bet anything you will all vote to have Catching Fire be the next book I read.

Here are some Hunger Games websites to check out, if you have Hunger Games “fever”. We will be finished the book on Tuesday. I can’t wait for you to find out how it ends!!


If I were you I would read…..

As you know, I absolutely love books. Sometimes I even read books for adults 🙂 . I would like to give you some suggestions for great children’s books you might want to read. I have read all of these. (Click on the book covers to find out more!)

Among the Hidden - by Margaret Pearson Haddix



Dangerous Skies - by Suzanne Staples

Danny the Champion of the World - by Roald Dahl




Missing - by Catherine MacPhail

Raider - by Susan Gates

The Thief Lord - by Cornelia Funke

Walk Two Moons - by Sharon Creech

Right now, Mrs. Skye is reading….


Guys Read

I’m sure lots of teachers and parents out there know that it can be difficult to find books that appeal to boys. The type of books that interest most boys are much different from the books teachers and parents want them to read and enjoy. This website,, was created by Jon Scieszka (he wrote The Stinky Cheese Man, Math Curse, and the Time Warp Trio series, among others). He has also edited a book of short stories aimed at boys called Guys Read. It’s worth checking them out, to help all the boys in your life become readers!!