Div 7 Update

Hello Parents and Students

I decided to start using my classroom blog to keep parents updated about what’s happening in the classroom. I will try to update this weekly!

Curriculum Areas

We are currently studying the following topics in our class:

Just Deserts (LA) – this is our current Read-Aloud book. Click here for more information on the author and topic(s) of this book,

Read-Alouds provide students with many opportunities for learning and critical thinking. I use these to practice the following skills (and more!): listening, asking questions, making predictions, summarizing, responding to text, inferring, making images, writing, partner work, powerful speaking, researching topics, making decisions, making connections, accessing prior knowledge.

Word Work (LA) – Every week, students are given a set of words. Their tasks are to sort the words according to a given spelling pattern, use 10 words in sentences, alphabetize the words, and understand the meaning of the words. Students are put into groups based on which spelling patterns they need help with.

Fractions (Math) – we are learning how to add and subtract fractions. This requires students to be able to determine common denominators and find equivalent fractions. Here are some math websites you and your child might was to try for some  extra help and practice:  http://www.mathplayground.com/




Electricity (Science) – Mr. Kriese will be teaching our class science and social studies this term. In term 3 Mrs. Salem will be teaching science and social studies.

Drug Awareness (Health and Career Education)

Verb Conjugation and general vocabulary (French) – students have learned how to conjugate the following verbs: etre (to be), aimer (to like), aller (to go). They are also learning about articles (le, la, les, un, une) and the French concept of masculine and feminine nouns.

Woodwork (Exploratories) – Division 7 is currently in the woodworking exploratory. In term 1 they took computers and drama for their exploratory.

Student Teacher!!

Starting next week, Miss Scali will be taking over the majority of teaching in our classroom. She is working on her 404/405 SFU teaching practicum. She will be with the class until April. The students have met her and are excited to have her in the class.


Important Information

Starting now (January 2012) I will be taking a partial medical leave on Wednesdays. We don’t yet know who will be filling in for me on Wednesdays, but for now it will be Mr. Rouleau.


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