Bucket List for Kids

The Kid’s Bucket List


Things every child should have the chance to do before he/she grows up

1. Indulge in an unexpected treat like going out for dessert in your pyjamas

2. Play road hockey

3. Get to know a baby

4. Give something to charity

5. Put on a show for your parents

6. Play with mom’s makeup

7. Throw a snowball
• Sometimes the white stuff just begs to be hurled — at a tree or a wall, of course, not a person!

8. Stay up until midnight

9. Buy something with your own money

10. Teach a younger kid how to do something cool

11. Have a crush

12. Clean your room without being asked

13. Learn how to swim, bike and skate

14. Spend a school day playing hooky with mom or dad
• Explore the local museum, catch a movie or just hang out together.

15. Write a thank-you card

16. Say “I’m sorry” and mean it

17. Cut your dolls hair (or your own)

18. Read a classic kids’ book
• Check out Today’s Parent’s age-by-age reading guide

19. Have a sleepover with Grandma or another relative (without mom or dad around)

20. Cook something by yourself
• Try these kid-friendly recipes from Today’s Parent: Baked Bean Wrap; Four-Square Pizza; David’s Mother’s 5-Minute Tomato Sauce; Banana Dog.

21. Stand right up front to watch a parade

22. Go camping (or at least sleep outdoors in a tent)

23. Have a really good friend

24. Get super close to an animal that isn’t the family pet
• Catch a frog at the cottage.
• Pet a snake. (Where? Check reptilia.org.)
• Swim with sea lions. (Where? Check westedmall.com/play.)

25. Tell a joke
• For little kids, try Laugh with Chirp by Bob Kain.
• For big kids, try Jokelopedia by Ilana Weitzman.


Originally published in Today’s Parent, October 2009

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